Heyday of the Jordan shares are not angry from the monarch

Big Jordan under the shadow of the superstar: Jazz two old tragic Bryant pursuit beyond

Jordan, the name, whether it is in the NBA or basketball history replica jordans are called the greatest totem mark, that belongs to Jordan and the Bulls in the nineties, the pack and the stand but did not shake the “flying man” Absolute dominance, and today, when Kobe Bryant and James superstar interpretation of the legend, they are also inevitably to the world to Jordan relative. In the author listed 25 have been or are living in the shadow of Jordan’s superstar, a very small number of them still have the capital to continue to challenge Jordan’s benchmark, but the vast majority, but already in the tragic or deprived tone Gradually away from the stadium.

25. Damon – Stoudemire

Heyday of the Jordan shares are not angry from the monarch of the monarch gas field, most of the rookie to face the momentum will be slightly afraid of fear of the foot, but there are individual confidence in the blanket of Lengtou Qing Chuaizhuo “willing to cut” the determination and Jordan called, and as early as Iverson before the “little mouse” Stoudemire will be the first challenge. In the 1995-96 season, Stoudemire not only won the best new trophy, but also in the battle with the Bulls in four games, it is in the head of fake Jordan averaged 24.5 points and 11.5 assists, many people believe that height 175 He will be another “enrichment is the essence” of the spokesperson. However, after that, Damon’s data is high and low to go down year after year, after the exhaustion, you almost can not remember that year someone has his comprehensive skills and Jordan compared.

February 17, 1963, a common day, New York’s Brooklyn black area, filled with street violence and drugs. A black family ushered in a small life, parents, while the little baby was happy, while worried that their families may not be able to afford the fourth child’s support. But no one knows that the baby grew up but changed the world.

For Jordan, we remember a lot, do not say God in the field of a variety of wonderful performance, just say that the foot of God —- Jordan series of basketball shoes.

Jordan 1 generation from the beginning of the issue was a ban on the Union, because the Bulls coach did not allow God to wear these retro jordans replica shoes, the reason is not consistent with the team’s uniform color, and David Stern is on Jordan open Out of the ticket, the first 1000 US dollars, the first 2,000 US dollars, until the final 5000 US dollars per game, which also led to Joe 1 crazy snapped up. Nike and therefore the first time to shake the Converse in the basketball shoes on the status. Jordan 1 generation with white, black and red three-color, hard rubber outsole, there is no scientific and technological content, in fact, this pair of shoes is cumbersome, but it is the beginning of an era.